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Christmas is the best time of the year for many of us - but for some others is the most stressful time. Celebrating with colleagues, friends and family, getting gifts on time, planning the holidays and much, much more quickly raises the stress level at Christmas, leaving little of the most reflective time of the year. It gets even more stressful with a baby or toddler. The first Christmas together with the little kids should later become a wonderful memory for eternity. So that this succeeds and you spend wonderful Christmas holidays in the circle of your loved ones, we have collected the 6 most important tips for you.

Sure, especially on Christmas, everything should be perfect. And you probably also do not want to cancel a celebration gobabez.com/product/wooden-swan-printed-toy-for-children/ or date with friends and relatives. However, a busy schedule cries out for stress and stands in the way of Christmas contemplation - and that's not just for you, but for your baby as well. Keep in mind that more and more intense experiences are more valuable to everyone than chattering as many appointments as possible. Set priorities and decide clearly which ones are the most important to you. Then only really do it to lower your stress levels to an acceptable level. Do not be put under pressure by friends or relatives, but stay true to baby stores at the mall your priorities - for the sake of you and your little darling.

Well planned is half won - this is especially true for Christmas with baby. Whether you are looking for presents, visiting the Christmas Mass, the holiday menu or the Christmas celebration, try to plan everything as well as possible. Keep in mind, however, that even with the best planning, there are almost always unforeseen incidents. Therefore, prepare yourself for this as best as possible - for example, by planning generous time windows or alternatives. Plan Christmas rituals with your partner and discuss what matters to them both. You may also create a new, very special Christmas ritual. Do not wait until just before Christmas, but start a few weeks in advance. Better timing means less stress and more composure for you, which automatically translates to your baby. The more relaxed you are, the calmer your baby is. A good organization is the heart and soul of a stress-free Christmas with baby and should therefore be given top priority. However, do not go too far and limit yourself to those things that are most important to you. This guarantees a harmonious and calm atmosphere and this is ultimately the most important thing for your baby.

You and your partner traditionally visit your parents-in-law on Christmas Day? This year, it may be better to invite you to your home. This also applies to other visits to the relatives. If they come to you instead, it will not only save you stress, but especially your little darling. All the new faces and unknown voices of all the aunts and uncles are already more than enough fresh impressions, there does not have to be another environment. Apart from that, a visit with a baby is always associated with great effort - from packing the usual baby food to the cumbersome transport of the baby carriage. It is easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved if you invite to join them this time. Particularly important: While this is likely to be self-evident to all present, for your reassurance, be sure to emphasize that your baby's needs are always in place, and in case of doubt, singing carols together or giving birth is interrupted. When your baby screams and whines, sometimes it can help to move him to another room. Calm and gentle swings in Mama's arms often work wonders.


You have recently seen such a great recipe for an original holiday roast and it itches you to try this coming Christmas? Better not, because chances are good that you end up desperately fighting in the kitchen, while your baby cries for you and your partner is also busy elsewhere with preparations. It's easy to avoid such a scenario by making the holiday menu as simple as possible and adding only proven dishes to the menu. Cook rather relaxed, a traditional Christmas menu, rather than by eating culinary experiments on the stress screw to turn. This will not only benefit you but your baby as well. In addition, your baby is also happy about his usual diet. Until the age of three, you will rather not trigger enthusiastic storms with the holiday roast. You already have better chances with Christmas cookies, which are already happily accepted as sweets at this age.


For many, the church visit is a fixture and maybe even the highlight of the Christmas party. Everything is different with a baby - including a visit to the church for Christmas. Up to the age of about three, it may be better if someone stays home with the offspring while the others go to church. Another option would be for mum or dad to take a walk around the church with their warm-packed offspring until the festivities are over and everyone heads back home together. From the age of three, the special afternoon Christmas services for children are also popular.

What would Christmas be without gifts! Of course you - and probably everyone in the relationship - also want to surprise your little sweetheart with packages. But what does a baby kids clothes online gobabez give you? Although most babies from about one and a half years already enjoy unpacking the gifts that are so nice and rustling, the content does matter anyway. In addition to all sorts of useful ones are mainly rattles and similar first-time toys and cuddly toys. It is best to let the relatives know in advance which gifts are useful and desirable. So no one spends money on something unnecessary, and you and your baby are guaranteed to get something that is enjoyable.

Have you already celebrated your first Christmas with your baby or are you still at the door? Tell us about your experiences and exchange ideas with other readers in the comment section!